Built by a small team of developers, students, and hobbyists from around the world, RiceTeaCatPanda brings together a blend of interesting challenges and fun stories to engage and inspire a community of cybersecurity enthusiasts --- rtcp{glhf!}


RiceTeaCatPanda is a CTF (Capture the Flag) competition that is aimed toward beginners, exploring a variety of security subjects, including but not limited to Cryptography, AI/ML Spoofing, Web Exploitation, Binary Exploitation, Forensics, General Computer Skills, and Data Analysis!

We aspire to create an interactive, fun, and impactful community, giving High School, Middle School, and College students a simple and approachable introduction to cybersecurity.

Oh cool! Can I join in?

Sure! We have a range of difficulties to cater for all skill levels, and for most of the year, challenges from past competitions are available to view. Otherwisde, we hold one or two big live CTF competitions a year.


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